Women in the Body of Christ

The term “Body of Christ” is a specific term which collectively refers to the all the believers, those for whom Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. I use this term specifically in contrast to the splintered collections of corporate religious entities commonly referred to as “the church”. These entities we have been taught and trained to regard as “the church” has absolutely nothing to do with the Church which is revealed in the Bible.

For centuries, women have been trained, taught and coerced into roles that are very foreign to their intended roles and functions in the Body of Christ. The purpose of this training is to negate, obstruct and eliminate their true functioning in the Body of Christ. This abuse and enslavement of women has been done much to the detriment of the families and the believers that make up the Body of Christ.

In Galatians, there is an illuminating verse which has been ignored and cast aside for all the centuries since it was written. This verse is in the context of declaring that we are no longer under under religious law; we have been set free from the religious law that was established under the ministry of Moses. This happens to include all counterfeit religious legal systems which have been established since!

Galatians 3:28 (The italicized words were added by me) (in Christ) There is neither Jew nor Greek (race has no spiritual significance), there is neither slave nor free (social status has no spiritual significance), there is no male or female (gender has no spiritual significance), for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

In Christ there is no male or female! Gender has absolutely no spiritual significance! Whenever any believer functions in the Body of Christ according to Christ who is the head of the body, they do so with the same ability and authority as anyone else! How can this be? It is because we are ALL ONE in Christ Jesus. How simple!

“…there is neither slave nor free”; social distinctions which have no spiritual significance include all the artificial corporate religious distinctions including those called “pastor”, “priest”, “cardinal” or any other religious office that you can think of.

The truth of the matter is, we have all been called to function to our maximum ability in the Body of Christ. We have been commissioned to that functioning; we have been given the permission to function and we are responsible to actually perform the functioning that we have been called to. However, the world does fight back and resists our functioning in the Body of Christ. As the Body of Christ increases in its functioning the less the religious organizations are able to function.

It is not enough to declare our freedom to function in the Body of Christ. People need to see the scriptural evidence to enable them to go beyond their life-long religious training to ignore and cast aside the call of God in their life. So, if you wish to pursue this subject further, there are teachings available that will show you the scriptural evidence.

The teaching “1 Timothy Part 2” handles scriptures which have been used to abuse and enslave women for centuries. (Copy and paste the following link into your web browser to access the pdf file)

The teaching series on Galatians and Ephesians confront the religious doctrines which have enslaved us to religious corporate and organizational law for centuries. The teaching series on 1 Timothy confronts religious leadership doctrines which people have followed for centuries much to their detriment and destruction.

Learn about your freedom; then for once in your life, decide if you will be free, or not. It is your decision.

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  1. These truths are wonderful. I come to the point only God alone knows the heart of the individual believer and the desire he/she has to function. When God alone inspires his child; it means little or nothing to the masses. But it’s huge to God and his child.

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