Resurrection Power

Resurrection Power was manifested by God when he raised his son from the dead. This act, this power continues to reverberate within the saints – those who make up the body of Christ, those who have been born from above. Resurrection power continues through history until this very moment, and will continue on into the future.

Those who are born from above, whose lord and savior is Jesus Christ, have become LIGHT, due to the accomplishments of Jesus Christ. We are legitimately authorized, enabled, and expected to conduct ourselves as children of light. In that light there is an abundant harvest of goodness, righteousness, and truth, which can be shared with others!

It is the gift of holy spirit, given to every saint, which enables each one of us to conduct ourselves as children of light. The operation of this gift enables us to know and understand the specific will of the Lord every moment, in every unique situation. Thus, we are authorized and enabled to observe, know, and expose the evil which secretly moves under cover of darkness.

This exposure is not done thoughtlessly or stupidly, but wisely, according to the will of the Lord. Timing is critical in these evil days.

Today, the evil of this world declares that this is a dark time of fear and bitter despair. Their evil words declare that only their false, weak gods can provide any hope of deliverance. This is all false deception which is being exposed before your very eyes.
Today is a day of judgement against the rulers of the darkness of this world and their human leaders who conduct themselves according to this dark evil. Day by day their deeds are exposed, their systems of deception and rulership are being broken. The light of God prevails! This is a time of triumph and rejoicing!

Stand your ground with endurance and observe the power of God prevail in this challenging time.

(See Ephesians 5:8 – 17)

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