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My mother, Dorothy Self, was 85 when she passed away on July 1, 2012. Like most of us, she had her share of love, challenges, outright hostility and rejection, joy and sadness. I was privileged to accompany her on quite a bit of her life, observing the growth of her faith and her relationship with God.

When she hit her 40's it appeared as if her life was a complete and total failure. Among other things, she had to contend with the end of a stormy and unedifying marriage; later there were several episodes of cancer.

However, by the time she reached her 80's she remarked to me that all her prayers had been answered. The challenges had been resolved. The life that seemed such a failure turned into success.

She was unsure of the details of the path forward but she was aware of the reality of the end of this life. I reminded her that God is our guide, even unto death. This continued to be her experience and she continued to grow spiritually.

Mom was very fond of cats. Sonny was her 2nd "last cat". He was her faithful friend and companion for over 5 years.

In May 2012 mom told me that she knew it was time to go. Although she had so much more she wanted to do, she knew it was time. After having a last visit with each of her children, she fell asleep and is awaiting the return of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

When I gathered with our family to remember our mother, my brother Bill reported to us that Sonny had been placed with a wonderful family and Sonny was very happy. It reminded me that God loves us as His children and is not too big or to busy to help us with the smallest of details. Sonny was just a cat, but God made sure that mom's cat was taken care of.

What a wonderful heavenly Father we have!

Dorothy Self

Sonny The Cat

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2 thoughts on “Just A Cat

  1. Hi Keith.  I was so happy to read that Sonny found a home!  (I was afraid Bill had simply "put him down.")  Hooray!  I know Dorothy would be so tickled that Sonny had people to keep loving him.


    Also, I had never seen a photo of Sonny —  ;-}}}   He's adorable.  Thanks!


    Cux Susan B.

  2. What a wonderful God we have. He did answer all your mom's prayers Keith. We are truly blessed via her life. I will never forget her love and faithfulness to our God. So thankful for her. 

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