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This posting is a guide to the information on my website and some of the thought behind it. You can read about the purpose of the website on the home page, and about me, the author, on my biography page; so I won't be repeating that information here.


For those visitors of ksradcliffe.com with a background in organized religion, either denominational or non-denominational, there are teachings to answer some of the most common questions that constantly arise in such environments. These teachings are available as PDF files that can be read or MP3 audio files that can be listened to on computer or MP3 player.


For example, the subject of "tithes" and financial giving to corporate religious organizations is a much debated topic. Instead of arguing or wondering about this subject, why not read an extensive study on this topic?


When I started to research this topic, my motivation was to reexamine the practice of so many godly people (including myself) who faithfully contributed 10% or more of their income to a religious organization for years. Why are the majority of such people not enjoying the financial abundance that our teachers promised us? I started the research from the premise that the doctrine of tithing as popularly taught is basically sound. The fault must be something missing from our practice or understanding. I was surprised at what the Bible actually teaches. On the Tithing page you can have access to "The Tithe and Giving In The Body of Christ Today" document, which is the result of this research.


There are other questions, sometimes heart-rending questions asked by devout but hurting believers, such as "why do bad things happen to me (or others)?". "I live a godly life, why am I suffering?", "why don't I seem to have God's blessing on my life? What did I do wrong?". Closely related to these questions are the popular doctrines of prosperity which teach the believers to equate a godly life with material prosperity and health.


The teaching series "Godly Abundance and Prosperity" is available to answer such questions and to examine such popular doctrines. This teaching series also introduces, by teaching and by example, how the scriptures are handled in the teachings on this site. In addition, the subjects of self-condemnation, endurance, "prosperity", finances, prayer and the promises of God are handled in this teaching series.


I believe that the teachings mentioned here will answer a majority of the questions in the hearts of most devout Christians.


You can email any questions or comments directly to me at my address: keith@ksradcliffe.com

(C)2012 Keith S. Radcliffe

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