How Do You Know?

Question: How do you know that there is a God or that Jesus Christ is His son, who is the messiah? How do you know the truth of these things? I have heard the essence of this question asked on numerous occasions. All the harassing religious noise that would drown out the truth makes it a challenge to separate the truth from all the lies and counterfeits. This may be challenging for people, but it is not challenging for God.
As was reported in "It's Not Rational!", belief in God is not rational – there is no empirical evidence that proves the existence of God. This may be a problem for people, but it is not a problem for God.
The prerequisites for knowing for sure (no further doubt or questioning) that Jesus Christ is the son of God and what he teaches is the truth are simple:
  • Be taught of God. No one can even approach Jesus Christ unless the ability to approach is given by God. This ability is given as  part of the instructions from God. Note that it is not efforts or words from other people, or from religion that makes the difference. It is the instruction from God that makes it possible to approach Jesus Christ. It is in this process that you come to know that there is one true God.
  • Have a deep desire for a close relationship with God – no further separation.
  • Have a desire to know and perform what God wills; your own will is secondary.
Note that there is not one prerequisite here that has anything to do with religion or religious doctrines, the fear of hell, or whatever. God must draw you to his son; no one else can accomplish this task.
Those who come to acknowledge Jesus Christ as God's son, the first man raised from the dead, and that this man is now their superior, get to skip any pending judgment. You can skip the judgment that religion promotes so rabidly. No, that is not in the future for those who trust in Jesus Christ, for they have already passed from death to life.
This should really simplify things. "Knowing for sure" is personal, it is between you and God; the way it should be!
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