Guns and Freedom

Recently this country has been deeply wounded by an unimaginable tragedy. Thoughtful people of every walk of life are searching for answers as to how and why these events happened, and how to avoid a repetition of these events.

Some are so bold as to blame God for this tragic event. Please refer to my posting from August 19th entitled "Accusing God of Punishing America" regarding this ignorant practice.

In this country, the media has an untrammeled influence upon the public conscience and conversation regarding morality, ethics, and politics. The media is certainly instrumental in directing the current conversation about the tragedy in Connecticut. For some time to come, the public issue up for debate is whether government should eliminate our freedom to bear arms.

In such a short posting, I will not attempt to cover this subject at any length. However the question of gun ownership assumes that gun ownership is the cause of such tragedies as we have experienced. This argument also assumes that the disarming of the public will eliminate such tragedies. Note that at about the same time period, in China, a man attacked and slashed 20 some children. No gun was needed! In a police state such as China, they are not able to stop such events from occurring.

Those who favor the enslavement of this country have an agenda to disarm the citizens. However, those same people use the threat of gun violence to enforce their political policies upon the citizens of this country. Those of us who pay taxes know about this threat. What will happen if we refuse to pay taxes? Eventually teams of uniformed, armed men and women will be in our faces, forcing us to pay. What happens if you do not register your vehicle? What if you do not submit to a body search when you fly? Press things far enough and you will eventually experience government sponsored gun violence. The government wields their power through the gun.

What does this say about an armed populace? It says that they have political power too. Those who are so armed are able to protect themselves; they are able to enforce their right to self protection. In the current tragedy, unarmed women assailed their attacker…..and died. They were unable to prevail because they were unarmed. Bravery in such circumstances counts for nothing.

Whatever your view on gun ownership, do not fall prey to the media's limited, distorted, and short sighted view of these events. There are many other issues to be examined. Such tragedies are not usually caused by a single factor in life, but complex issues which interact over time.

Here are three additional issues to examine:

-The elimination of mental health resources. Generally, through the 80's and 90's the state has relegated mental issues to the penal system. Basically there is no treatment unless the one in need becomes entangled in the criminal system.

-Government schools. These institutions, are designed and run to instill in children and adults a mindset of dependency upon the government. It is ingrained within the fabric of these institutions to promote and incubate insecurity, bullying and yes, violent situations. Children and adults alike are trained to believe that their only hope is to surrender their rights to a (hopefully) benevolent government that will make them feel safe (almost no one says be safe). It is in the political interest of the politicians to have a perpetually ignorant and insecure electorate in the majority.

-Political agendas. Again, it is in the interest of the politicians that these kinds of tragic events happen from time to time. The evidence? Look how quickly the public desires to give up their freedom in the false hope of protecting their children. Look how hopeless, helpless and insecure these graduates of the government schools are in regards to their own safety and security. How often do you hear the statement "…someone ought to do something…"?

-The practicality of "public safety". What is the purpose of the armed government authorities? Is it to protect the public? Actually it is not! It is not possible for any police force to effectively protect the public. However, a heavily armed, trained, and free populace can protect itself quite well.

Think about the brave women in the school in Connecticut – had one or more of them been armed and trained, there would have been no tragedy; no children would be dead.

A well armed and trained populace is the greatest fear of the criminal and mentally disturbed people. In addition, it is the greatest fear of the contemporary politician and government officials. Think about it!

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