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Learn New Testament Biblical Greek

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Yes! All things are better in Koine. It's what the scriptures really say! But do you have the time and money to attend seminary like the student in the video above?

Ready to improve your Biblical skills without seminary?

The Scriptures are spiritual food. But if you can only read and work the Scriptures in English, you are reading "processed spiritural food." It has been processed through the translators doctrinal views and opinions. Get your spiritual food NATURAL! Go to the source, learn New Testament Biblical Greek. See how the apostles really said it.

Go "Au-Natural !"

Go to Koine Bible Dot Net to register for the lesson series or CLICK HERE.

At, we have removed the barriers to learning Koine Greek! You do not have to memorize 1,800 words like they do in seminary. You do not have to memorize long charts of congegations and declensions. There are resource books for all of that. You need very little learning to use the books.

We teach New Testament Koine Greek for "ALL OF US!"

If you are a Bible student who reads the scriptures in multiple English versions, then you are a Bible student who wants to know what the scriptures really say. There is no better way to do that than learning New Testament Biblical (Koine) Greek. Most Bible students do not work the Scriptures in Koine for the following reasons:

  • You must attend formal classes for months to learn.
  • You must memorize many word forms and vocabulary.
  • Self study takes too long and is complicated without a teacher.
  • Teachers and Professors teach Greek as a language, not a study tool.

We teach Koine Greek as a study aid and a research tool, not as a language. There are many resource books and software programs available to handle the vocabulary, word forms and parts to speech so you can get to the real meaning of passages without working for months to attain sufficient skill to examine a specific verse.

We teach how to do Word studies to get to the Biblical meanings of word, the thoughts intended by the writers, not the translators opinions. We teach you how to do your own translations. We teach you the single most important exegetical principle: context. We teach you how to apply that principle in every situation.

You will not need to attend any formal classes at any location. Introductory New Testament Koine Greek is taught entirely on line with videos, hand outs, syllabus and even a support forum. This six lesson series has been taught to hundreds of Bible students just like you. None have had any formal language training but all finished the lesson series with a working knowledge of New Testament Koine Greek and the skills to use the many research books and software available.

It's so simple, even you can do it!

Go to Koine Bible Dot Net to register for the lesson series or CLICK HERE.

This course will not make you an expert in only six lessons. BUT, this series of lessons WILL bring you to a basic working knowledge of Biblical Koine Greek. This series of lessons will enable you to use many different research sources to identify accurate definitions of words in the Biblical Text, to enhance your understanding of the Scriptures.

Each lesson is designed with a view to developing your skill, so your Biblical studies will not end in frustration but in a more detailed knowledge of God's Word. Each lesson is designed for your learning. Distracting and unnecessary grammar and vocabulary has been eliminated to keep the material clear and directed toward the goal. Reminder, this class is intended as a study guide, not a definitive language study.

This series of introductory lesson will take some time to view the videos, do the home work and take the exams to check your progress. You will need one to two hours for each lesson to read the material and do the practice homework. This represents about twenty fours hours of committed time. With a commitment of about one day, you can gain the skill of working the Word of God using Koine Greek resources.

Are you ready to get started?

Go to Koine Bible Dot Net to register for the lesson series or CLICK HERE.

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