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Keith Radcliffe
Why Another Website About Biblical Teachings: Freedom From Bondage

Welcome Christian believer!

This website and its teachings is for all those who truly believe, the age of the power of God seen in the scriptures is not over. It is for sincere and searching Christians who want to see the first century church live in the twenty first century. It is for Christians who believe in the charismatic gifts of holy spirit in operation today... decently and in order, an honor to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Biblical teachings offered on this website are not for the average Christian who is content attending a denominational church or home church fellowship but is looking for more freedom and less bondage to systems. This website and its Biblical teachings are for those who hunger and thirst for more spiritual nourishment than is provided by the usual Christian corporations, institutions and organizations. It is for those who perceive that the power and impact is lacking in Christian faith as practiced today. It is for those who perceive that contemporary Christianity has wandered away from its original mission and Biblical foundations. It is for those who truly see freedom from the bondage which has limited their Christian experience.

This website is for those who believe that God is still raising up
apostles, prophets, teachers, miracles and healers in our day and time.

The functioning of the Body of Christ is basically iconoclastic* in nature. As people turn to worship the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the worldly nature and structure of corporate religion is exposed. As people are built up by the Word of God and by the exercised power of holy spirit, great deliverance can be realized. The spiritual bondage that is fostered and incubated in the religious structures and promoted by doctrines are exposed and defeated.

If you have ever perceived that modern Christian church religion is lacking, this website is for you.

It is the purpose of this site to provide the teaching of God's Word to the Body of Christ which circumvent the shackles of the corporate and religious structures. These teachings provide spiritual nurture for those who are being delivered from the corporate, religious structures of this world.

Instructional goals:

  1. Provide substantial spiritual nourishment so "No More Bondage"
    becomes a living reality for those desiring freedom.

  2. Expose those doctrines and scriptures which have been
    used as weapons against Gods people to enslave them for centuries.

  3. Provide accurate Biblical teachings so each member of the
    Body of Christ can detect the counterfeit teachings and doctrinal error.
    Examples: The one Body of Christ, the Renewed Mind, the Tithe, etc.

  4. Provide teaching that will assist you, the believer, to break the shackles
    and bonds which have negated your service to God
    to assist with your operation of the gift of holy spirit
    to assist with your walk in newness of life.

This work is NOT intended to:

  • Start a new organization or attract followers
  • Furthermore, donations are not solicited and will not be accepted.

Learn the background of the teacher and what led to the creation of this website. Click on the Christian Bible Teacher's Biography , page linked above.

These teachings can be downloaded from this website by clicking on the "MP3 Bible Teachings" link on the menu. These teachings can be heard at "The HUB" attached to this website.

Announcing a new Bible Seminar: "Biblical Interpretation For All Of Us.
It will be located at URL This new seminar will present the fundamental principles on how to read and enjoy the Bible. It will unravel and reveal the philosophy and confused traditions that have reduced Christianity to being just a religion. It will show you who the Hebrew Jesus really was and what his message and mission really were, from his cultual perspective.

Until this seminar is complete, you may go to the authors' blog at for updates and essays which will eventually find their way into the seminar.

The belief in, participation in, or sanction of destroying
religious icons and other symbols or monuments,
usually with religious or political motives

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